scary cat lady

Crazy Old Cat Women

Need Not Apply!

It seems our would-be Romeo is a little triggered by the thought of women with cats. Luckily, he’s open to letting her pay $500 a day to get drunk with him. Just don’t mention cats, ladies, and you could be living the dream!

In his own words on his dating profile:

“Oh, and crazy old cat women need not apply! Call me, request an smile.Life is short, just sit on your ass, and dream, or get off it and buy me a drink That should scare you timid girls and inspire you, the bold .For just 500 a day we can get drunk and play Oh, and I can cook, while you rejoice in salubrious recall. Don’t wait for Mr. Right, he left the building, years ago .Or, get some cats, seems you need at least 4 to keep you from getting a man.”