Buffet O’ Bachelors


Warning: This is not a mean girl site! We’re not here to make fun of folks for their looks. Please allow the screenshots, harvested at no small personal cost, to speak for themselves.

Not a single bachelor is being shown here to make fun of him for his looks, weight or even his apparently comatose state. I wasn’t the “cute girl” growing up so I’ve been on the receiving end of that kind of judgement. I’d never want to do that to another person, period. Most folks on dating apps– male and female alike– are just fellow human beings looking for love and companionship. It’s a vulnerable place to be; let’s be respectful of that.

With that said, every single “gent” featured here has earned his place on this wall of shame by meeting one or more of the following strict criteria:

  • Being 55+ but having his search parameters set for much younger women AND……..
  • Posting angry, misogynistic rants
  • Being naked without a lick of self-awareness
  • Demanding beauty, fitness and sexiness without offering the same
  • Posing with more than the sensible limit of bleeding prey
  • Being married with a bad case of LWD (Texas-speak for Little Wanderin’ Dick)
  • Failing Selfies 101 in frankly unbelievable ways
  • Committing unspeakable atrocities to the English language