chatting with bots

Deep Dive Chatting With a Bot

Once most folks realize that the bachelor who looked so promising is actually a bot they report the user and block contact. You might’ve figured out by now that I’m not most folks.

Instead I took the deepest of dives and started longs chats with Vincent. He checked all the boxes: He was movie star handsome, a European orthopedic surgeon who only operated on orphans. He was, of course, fascinated with my loveliness and prone to calling me by name 5-7 times per message. I asked him question after question, which he seemed to enjoy not answering– but at great length. This part was sort of indistinguishable from real men, but he set himself apart by asking me questions about myself. I can’t say he ever seemed to register my answers.

Vincent finally shared that he was immigrating to Montana to start a business “repairing yachts and starting an orphanage”. He repeatedly mentioned his need for my business advice. I told him it seemed like a bullet-proof plan and he should definitely do it, but that I couldn’t help him since my business experience was neither yacht- nor orphan-related. I never heard from him again.